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Kiln Cast Uranium Glass

These phosphorescent skulls glow errily when lit with UV Light

More commonly know as Black Light.


These amazing, Glow in the Dark Skulls, are cast from a glass which is not normally associated with the kiln casting process. It is usually a hot glass or blowing glass used for a highlighting on blown form.  To use as a casting medium means these are very experimental evolvements for this fascinating example of Uranium Treated Glass.  

The guys at Gaffer Glass have developed a fantastic Phosphorescent Glass which has a largley unexplored  potential.

The making of these skulls can followed here.


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Encouraging words from a newfound steward. 


Hi Donn, He Arrived Today & I’m Speechless The Skull Is Absolutely Amazing … Thank You.
I Have Seen Thousands Of Pieces Of Uranium Glass & Doubt I’ll See Another Better Than This .The Detail Is Brilliant & The Matt Finish Is Just Perfect … It Brings Out The Fabulous Colours Of The Uranium Without The Glossy Reflections … I Have Always Been Fascinated By The Human Skull & Have Numerous Skulls & Even Tried Carving One Myself … Some Crucifix’s Have The Skull & Cross Bones To Represent Life Over Death … I Don’t Think There Morbid As Some People Do … I’m Hoping To See The Hedges Crystal Skull When It Comes To Sydney Later This Year … It Should Be An Interesting Experience >From What I’ve Heard …
So With My Passion For Uranium Glass & Skulls, Your Uranium Art Glass Skull Is The Best Thing I’ve Ever Had The Pleasure Of Buying  …

Cheers Mark